Key dates for the Dutilleux Contest !

1988 -
Presentation of the concept to the city of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps by Eric Boucher.

1989 - Acceptance by Henri Dutilleux for the realization of the first Dutilleux Contest which finale will happen in September 1990 under his presidency.

1996 - 3rd Dutilleux Contest and international consecration thanks to the vice-presidency of Mstislav Rostropovitch.

1999 - 4th contest with a peak in participations – 181 composers – and the prestigious presence of Isaac Stern and Vladimir Ashkenazy next to Henri Dutilleux.

2000 - Signature of the Partnership with the Opera de Tours, the Orchestre Symphonique Région Centre Tours (OSRCT) and the Dutilleux Contest which will lead to 5 symphonic creations and 2 operas composed by the Dutilleux Contest laureates in about 10 years.

2004 - 5th contest with the participation of Christoph Eschenbach and first effective collaboration from the OSRCT for the finale.

2006 - Creation of the “Homo Xerox” opera composed by the first contest laureate – Claude Lenners – leading to 3 performances at the Opera de Tours for what’s been the greatest creation co-produced with the Dutilleux Contest.

2008 - 6th Dutilleux Contest under the vice-presidency of Valentin Erben from the Alban Berg Quartet and last official speech of Henri Dutilleux on Saint-Pierre-des-Corps.

2009-2010 - Creation of 2 shows with the Cano Lopez Company in co-production with the works of 3 laureates of the contest composers (over 60 performances).

2012 - 7th Dutilleux Contest and last participation record with 224 composers under the vice-presidency of Betsy Jolas and Magnus Lindberg.

May 22nd 2013 - Death of Henri Dutilleux.

January 22nd 2017 - Finale of the 8th Dutilleux Contest and closing of the centennial-year of Henry Dutilleux’s birth.